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to make a long story short......I ordered a product from a company who used smartpost, now this is the first time i have encountered this "AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL COMPANY"(sarcasm if you cant tell!!) i live pittsburgh and it was being shipped from new jersey, product was ordered last thursday and also shipped out to arrive this tuesday , no problem there, but all if a sudden no box with the mail today(TUESDAY)....so i check and now its pushed back 2 days?!?!?! with no explanation of a problem and to say the least the customer service "woman" just told me to call the post office and hung up on me.....and to boot i mailed stuff internationally to Greece and it was there faster and cheaper than a box going from new jersey to pittsburgh.....hahahahahahah fedex smartpost are a bunch of crooks with terrible work ethic and customer service.

i highly recommend you stay as far away as possible from this company, especially if you need something done quick or in a reasonable amount of time. Your hard earned dollar is not appreciated with this company obviously and i work to hard to give it to a company that doesnt understand the value of it or its customers!

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FedEx Smartpost is the slowest FedEx service so if you are buying somewhere I recommend you make sure they don't use Smartpost. lol You're mad because the company who shipped you this package payed most likely less than 5$ for shipping.

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