Waretown,New Jersey
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We waited for a delivery the whole day. I called customer service after 5pm and he said it would be delivered today!

I tracked the package online again and the status was "FUTURE DELIVERY REQUESTED"! I was so pissed off and called them again but I cannot get specific answer. Obviously, I am not the one who requested for future delivery.. You would expect the customer service to know what happened but nothing, no answer at all!

Why would they do the future delivery request thing if the customer didn't request for it? They just wasted our time.

It is so annoying that they made us wait, no delivery, and no answers as to what happened.. POOR SERVICE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Fedex makes you wait all day so tired of waiting.


A Future delivery requested for 3 weeks later without knowing the reason ? at least knowing the reason will reduce the *** off ??!!!


NOT surprised. Fed Ex and Office Max really screwed us and NO KISS.

While we aren't all that thrilled with UPS we aren't using Fed Ex anymore due to THREE LOST PACKAGES in 30 days. Two of them were taken to Office Max who doesnt know where they are and Fed Ex can't find them NOR will they stand behind their vendor Office Max and replace the merchandise, give credit, etc. It was OVER $400 and 2 lost customers for us compliments of Fed Ex.

At least when UPS has messed up they took ownership.

UPS is also a bit more expensive to use than Fed Ex but are they really? When Fed Ex has cost us almost $400 and 2 lost customers in barely over a month they aren't really less expensive are they?

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