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I ordered this and sent them an email to cancel the order. They sent a reply telling me to enjoy the product and if I didn't like it to return.

They never said anything about canceling my order. When the shipment arrived I refused it and ask Fedex to return to sender. They did say in their email that I would be charged for s&p. I had no clue as to what s&p was.

I do know what s&h stands for, but again never heard of s&p only to later find out that it was shipping and packing. I advise everyone who has been scammed to go to website and file a complaint with the attorney General's office. You can usually do this right online. Once everyone files their complaint then maybe they will think twice before ripping people off with shipping.

The shipping is more than the item itself. I will let everyone know if they charged my credit card, but I will go ahead and file my complaint with the attorney general today.

When the AG gets involved, they will reimburse all of your money. SO, COME ON LET'S FIGHT BACK!!!!!!

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and this has to do with fedex?

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