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I hate FedEx.

They failed to deliver two days in a row while people were home. I stayed home all day to wait for my MacBook Pro and when I called 11 minutes after "missing" them, the driver refused to come back since he was done for the day.

His excuse: Since he was double-parked and didn't want to get a ticket he couldn't bother with waiting for someone to come down.

Between the two customer service representatives that I talked to, only the second was any help. The first only relayed the excuse from the driver and then stated that FedEx could not wait for people to come down a flight of stairs. Really, I was under the impression that it was a delivery service and we are talking about no more than 20 seconds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Your complaint lacks some details, what time did you receive your door tag, I assume it was express (coming from apple), did you call the 800 number and ask for a reattempt...? is there a Fedex office near by where it could be held.

Remember Fedex driver get paid to deliver packages, and if you were not respond to his attempt to get your attention on a package that required a signature in person, that driver needs to use his judgement and move on.

it will be available at the station that evening and driver makes three attempts in all and sometimes more. monte

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