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Lady at the counter did not seem to want to do her job! I felt like I was a huge bother.

User's recommendation: Don’t use the location off of Northern Blvd.

Location: Clay, New York

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Agree in dc area they play outdated loud rock music as if trying to hype things up. People out of work.

Even at the gym they are toning things down to touch base with customers. At the shop i was in the copy machines were dusty and grimy. I complained but was basically ignored. No glass cleaner or dust cloth.

Meanwhile worker was rocking to the sexed up music, and ogling at me. When i made a comment he later looked at me at the doorway while I was leaving. And then one of the compadres in a blue nylon athletic insignia shirt raced past me a little later. I think fedex had got alot of precious stuff they are delivering, no sabe.

Even had a van sort of picking up at the last block home.

Very *** outfit. They'll do anything for some dough.