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Update by user Dec 25, 2015

Package was delivered on Christmas Day by a stranger who found my package on their doorstep! Address totally different from mine! Thanks to Good Samaritan and no thanks to FedEx!

Original review posted by user Dec 24, 2015

Tracked package which stated it was delivered to my front porch - which it was not bc I was home all day.Called customer service to report package not received and its Christmas Eve and the package contains Christmas presents.

Customer service girl says she will start trace but it will be Saturday before I hear anything (I found this out after asking-she never volunteered any info).

I asked how this is helping me since my kids gifts are in the package.I said 'Call the driver and see where the package was delivered!' CS girl says 'I'm not going to bother our driver at home; he is out for Christmas!' I say 'Oh, so forget my Christmas right, for all I know my shirts are under his tree!'

Very rude and not helpful and I still want to know where are my shirts!!!

This reviewer shared experience about "poor customer service and problem with delivery" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $107. jfarm3463 is overall dissatisfied with Fedex. The most disappointing about fedex delivery service at Fedex was attitude of customer service rep and package not delivered to home as indicated Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Everybody makes mistakes, including FedEx drivers. Get off you high horse and stop crying little baby.


Somebody call this lady a waambulance

to Anonymous #1083875

You can kiss this lady's a$$!

to Anonymous #1083985

Is it waxed?

to Anonymous #1083990

Just like your mama's you troll!


I am waiting for a package from Fedex.I paid to expedite my package, and they are telling me it won't be here until Monday.

Hello !!!!!

Christmas is tomorrow !!!So disappointed and upset

to Bri Hamptonville, North Carolina, United States #1083629

I bet you are!! I know I am and they don't care!! I think that bothers me just as much!


Could of got stolen off your porch? That's not FedEx's fault.

to Anonymous #1083625

I live in a private area and no it was not stolen off my porch!So yes it is their fault!

I was home all day and FedEx never showed.

UPS did deliver twice and left 3 packages on my porch that were not stolen.But thank you for that aha comment!

to Anonymous #1083710

Maybe next year order your items earlier instead of the last minute to be safe.

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