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FedEx for several years has been growing their business on the backs of online retailers like Amazon.

Buyers are looking for the best price on products, and willing to roll the dice a bit, and buy online versus going to a retail outlet to get something because generally, shippers are very reliable about delivery. The business is all about convenience, it's just a simple way to save you're free time for other things.

FedEx needs to understand that the reason consumers are angry is that they don't apply a little common sense. Weather issues had already hit Memphis, and yet my package was still sent there from Texas. I'm in Wisconsin, and they could have bypassed the Memphis hub if they had wanted to. Instead, they have adopted a standpoint that the route is the route is the route. If you're going someplace, and you know there's a problem on the road ahead, do you reroute? If you said no, then turn off your GPS and traffic reporting apps. Seriously, this isn't rocket science.

I have asked Amazon to block any packages going through FedEx on my account, and though they won't promise that will happen, at least I've made my voice heard.

I have actively started price shopping Amazon, and using price matching guarantee's to pick up items at retail outlets instead. It's just one less thing to worry about.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Delivery person.

I didn't like: Management, Logistics.

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States #956149

Somebody call tampachaz a waambulance

Tampa, Florida, United States #955925

@dboc - It's not a matter of crying like a little baby. That's totally rude and uncalled for.

The fact that a company, the size and scope of FedEx, does not have contingency logistics plans in place to divert shipments outside of affected areas is the subject. I've experienced the same stupidity. They shipped a package I had paid for One Day shipping. The package was coming from California to Florida.

They sent it directly into the problem area, Memphis, where it sat for three days. The shipment finally left Memphis and came directly to the Tampa sort facility this past Sunday. UNFORTUNATELY, they mixed up the handling and sent the *** box BACK TO MEMPHIS. Now I'm on day five without my delivery while other items ordered the same day and the following day, but shipped via UPS and even USPS have been delivered.

I have learned my lesson. Avoid FED EX from September through April if I need a package in under a week's time.


How is FedEx suppose to bypass their biggest hub? Are they supposed to sort a million packages in a parking lot of somewhere with good weather and hire people off the streets to help?? I suppose they could just find alternate airports to land dozens of planes on a whim.

Now stop crying like a little baby.

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