I received a phone call on Friday night asking if my address was correct. They aren't open on weekends I called Monday morning and said the address was correct and gave detailed directions.

I called again on Wednesday, the driver left a note he couldn't find the address. Believe me it's not hard to find. I called 1 800 GO FedEx on Friday, got the same speech and left detailed directions again. She promised as the others did that it would be straightened out and I would get it tomorrow Monday a week and 3 days since they first said they had it at the hub 25 miles from my doorstep.

I will probably have to get it myself. Minus 10 on a 5 scale for these guys, what a joke they are.

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The *** wrote Fedex left a note which means he attempted


I have paid for priority overnight deliver to my home on 7 occasions. I have NEVER had the package arrive in the stated time frame.

I have waited for as little as 2 hours to as long as 7.

FedEx You suck. (put that in a commercial slogan)

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