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It's been 9 days since a package was shipped FedEx to me in southern Ca and I still don't have it.

Tracking says "on truck for delivery" on Monday. No delivery. Calls to customer "service" result in assurance that it will come tomorrow.

Tracking on Tuesday indicates "on truck for delivery". No delivery. Call to customer "service" result in assurance that it will come tomorrow. Also, told that mssg sent to local terminal.

No tracking update on Wednesday, calls to customer "service" result in no concern or additional follow-up. Simply told that the package "must" still be on truck and watch for delivery today.

Nine days from Minnesota??? I paid $21 for shipping, must be here to provide signature, and have no idea if or when it will arrive.

I will never use FedEx (or visit another lame Kinkos) again. And, I will tell everybody I know about their sh.tty business practices.

My last experience with them was at Christmas when the driver left a package containing fairly expensive electronics at the end of my driveway on the side of the road. I chalked that one up to an aberation. My complaint phone call for that experience was met with the same uncaring indifference that I am now receiving.

Good luck FedEx, you are going to need it! It won't be fuel costs that do you in, it will be POOR management and DISHONEST business practices.

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Fedex said my package was delivered? The problem is to who was it delivered at 4:42. No wonder their are having trouble truck drivers are lost and just leave packages someplace so they can go home!

Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States #3776


I say support the U. S. Postal Service.

I have been waiting since February 11 when I placed my order. I have received similar run arounds since that time. I too will never order from a company that uses FedEx again.

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