I ordered a pair of boots from an online retailer who was offering Free Delivery as a promotional tool in conjunction with a sale. Fed Ex ground was the type of shipping.

It is HORRIBLE! They took this package from less than 2 hours from my home to several locations including MICHIGAN only to delay the arrival due to the amount paid. USPS no longer used this antiquated separation of postage unless it flies, sails, needs special arrangements, etc. FedEx wants you to wait if you havent shelled out the money not to and apparently the website offered me a chance to upgrade that but I must have missed it.

On top of doing that on purpose they lied and even edited the times dates and locations of the scans to change it from being late to arriving as scheduled and sent me multiple notifications as if I was an idiot. When I called they would ask and then say it was coming by end of business and be be vague on where it was or how that was possible when it wasnt inline with the info they were providing. I had 2 honest people out of the bunch that basically said they arbitrarily put them on ridiculous routes (costing them billions, just ask USPS) to cause delays based on the type of shipping you paid for and that it would take exorbitantly longer than they would admit. So I called the retailer and sent them photos of the changed info and asked if they would like to see when they would actually arrive at least since that was not an answer they were giving me.

I also encouraged them that since the relationship was pro se in nature this purposely fraudulent behavior could reflect poorly on them. So they called FedEx and wouldnt you know it went from God knows when youll get it to here by the next day. If its going to take 3 weeks then say so and give me accurate tracking info dont lie to me and spin me while you send my package on a road trip (passed my house twice on the highway). NEVER USE FEDEX GROUND!

EVER. They do not care about you, your package, the workers at there separate special facilities for ground delivery and they will ALWAYS further delay the arrival by passing it off to your local post office since they cant be bothered to even actually deliver it.

User's recommendation: Boycott FedEx, NEVER use FedEx Ground.

Location: Wadsworth, Ohio

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