I ordered a part on Nov. 24. Shipped Fedex Ground (5-7 day delivery guarantee). I received it Dec. 2nd at 6:30 pm. The driver delivered it to the WRONG address, and someone happened to be home (guess he couldn't wait for them to tell him it was wrong) and ran after the truck saying it was the wrong place. I was watching the package online. Once I found out the package was not delivered I called Fedex, to be told they were going to try and pick up the package the next day, and that I had to call back.

At work the next day I called again, to be told they had it last night, and it was actually delivered to the wrong address, but that I would have it that day. I received a call about 3 hours later stating that it was properly delivered now. From work I called home, and it was still not there. So Fedex was contacted AGAIN, this time the actual driver, and he said it would be "a little while." By that time it was 3:00 pm. By 6:30 he showed up, at the end of the day, to drop off the package, stating the address was wrong. He was showed the address, which was actually correct, and said there was another of the same address, but translates to another number. So he can't count. Once I told him that this was part of a demo I was building to contract some clients, and nearly lost the job, he was apologetic.

So he was over the 7 day delivery guarantee, blamed me, can't count, and didn't even bother fixing his ****-up until AFTER he'd delivered everything else.

If at all possible I will avoid using anything Fedex again, at least USPS readily recognizes they like their packages to fall off the truck, and UPS likes the play soccer with theirs.

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Paid for FedEx Overnight Priority. Package arrived this morning at the FedEx facility 4 miles from my home.

Waited all day for the package to make it those 4 miles. Called at 8:05 PM to find out why it wasn't here and FedEx told my "they were too busy to deliver it today". Mind you, the FedEx truck managed to deliver to my neighbor a few hours ago. The message is loud and clear.

Thankfully I work a business that ships thousands of units all over the country every single day and customers have the option of UPS or of paying extra for expedited shipping via FedEx. I will be forgetting to offer the latter option from now on.


They did the same thing to my computer. When they went to the wrong address the next day to "recover" it, it could not be recovered -- whatever that means.

Someone gets a free computer and they just let it go. They tell me to call the computer company and ask them to send me a new one.

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