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above is the link to the post from a couple of days ago, the essence of the post is about fedex having a good call center and a pathetic everything else. Let me tell you of my experience today;

I sent a parcel out Wednesday, ticking the option "Fedex Priority Overnight", I explained to the gentleman who had come to pick up my parcel that my passport was in it, therefore very important, and it had to reach the very next day. He said it surely will!! Two days post I find the parcel is still in a transiting city, tracking online tells me its still "in transit" which means its just sitting there waiting to "Leave Fedex origin facility".

So I call up customer care and guess what the guy tells me "you should not believe the pick up boys, sir. You should have called customer care and got an estimate for delivery", and when asked why "priority overnight" is taking several overnights, he tells me "no, thats just how we call the product, it doesnt mean it gets delivered overnight". I then mention to him that since it hasnt left the city yet, I would like to pull out my parcel and I will have someone come pick it up and take a regular flight so as to deliver my passport in time today, he tells me its left, I counter saying tracking doesnt say its left, and so he tells me "sir you cannot rely on the status from the website, its slower to update than my screen". Wow! 3 whammies....

So what have we learnt today;

1. Fedex employees tell you not all fedex employees can be trusted.

2. Names given to their products are sometimes a farce.

3. You should not trust the darn tracking website either.

The icing on the cake, was that a few days ago when I did have to send some other parcels out, I rudely find out that my account has been suspended due to alleged non payment, which the regional manager was kind enough to rectify when I finally managed to talk directly to him. He also said he would correct it right away and that I can ship my remaining parcels with fedex the next day. In retrospect, I should have just stuck with DHL, and I'd have a Visa on time and wouldnt need to rebook my ticket and buy a ticket at nearly twice the cost!

Does this mean I will stop using Fedex altogether; NO

Does this mean I will continue to hold Fedex (India) in high regard; NO

Does this mean I will trust fedex with a high priority order (in India); *** NO

Does this mean I will be pi$$3d off with Fedex International for not putting quality checks in their Indian counterpart; Heck yes!

Ive spent all this energy on writing this darn mail so the few of you at fedex who are actually great at your jobs dont have to *** the bullet for *** systems (read: red tape) and a few bad people. Please use this to promote a better system. Please show this to the people that make policies!


PS: for those of you looking for fast delivery in India, try Blue Dart, (acquired by DHL a lil while ago) they are the only ones that I know of who do a next day delivery and will promise to deliver by 10:30am (versus Fedex's fastest mode which can be delivered between the morning until 8pm or 10pm, which imho defeats the purpose!!)

PPS: After my grueling session in the morning, Fedex has not even offered so much so as a refund! Not even the call back confirmation which the call center team leader promised me. Not that it really matters, but they claim their philosophy is PSP - People-Service-Profit, I guess they dont chant the first two out too loud! *sigh*

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Sir I has had the same issue. The pick up boys are useless, not like DHL quality at all.

And fedex always talks nicely but work is not same.

Sir thank you for sharing your point.

Very nicely.

Shyam Sunder

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