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This morning at the corner of Cornell and Circle Drive (approximately 8:10am) a FedEx van was stopped at the red light. As I was crossing the street towards the medical and dental school, the driver aggressively drove towards me and honked very loudly at me when I was right in front of his van.

I am pregnant and the loud noise and shock of being run down caused a lot of stress. I could not believe that a FedEx employee attempted to run over a pregnant student! I will NOT be using FedEx services in the future because of the employees. I am shocked and appalled by this drivers behavior.

He then preceded to give me the middle finger after I had managed to cross the street. The Cleveland FedEx should seriously consider the quality of its employees.

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You forgot to mention the light changed...and you shouldn't have been crossing.


be glad u lived they ran over my sons father and killed him!

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