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Package was scheduled for deliv to my hm. However, since I wk.

during the day, I needed to know when they were coming so I could be at hm and get the package put away and safe. FedEx has the "Delivery Manager" option. When I went online to take advantage of this option, after filling out the usual - name, address, etc. Then I started getting hit with screen after screen, each with about 3 multiple choice questions such as - did I used to have this phone number or that phone number, did I used to reside at this or that address, etc.

Then my landlords wifes name popped up asking if I knew any of the people listed below. If you clicked on the last option of No, I don't remember or you choose to not reply, it will not allow you to leave the screen unless you answer. What does an old phone number, address of more than 10-30 years ago matter. Who remembers those items anyway?

AND, my landlord's wife has nothing to do with the shipment at all. When I finally reached a human being at FedEx named John, I explained all this and his reply was shocking. He replied to me "I'm sorry, I don't know whats on our website." Am I shocked? NO.


Yes. Fed up - YOU BET.

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They're called Facist Express, that company is at the same level as Monsonto. Run by a bunch a facists,warmongering neo-cons!!! Aside from not being liable from theyre wrongdoings, their drivers harass people too as a extracurricular activity, being that they are pseudo-stasi gestapo employees.

to Anonymous #1141899

Tinfoil hat is a little tight, eh?

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