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On Dec 16 2017 I went to a FEDEX office store to ship 2 packages less then 20lbs total weight to Cairo Egypt, the shipping cost was $708.34. The attendant made an error in the address and it wasn't known until after I got to my car and it was pointed out by my fiancé in Cairo so I went back in the store and pointed this out and I had assumed they could just print up a corrected shipping label but that isn't how it works, the entire transaction must start over as new so when it came to payment I was required to slid my CC yet again for the exact amount of $708.34 and I asked the girl what happens to the first transaction and she replied that it would be deleted.

On Jan 3rd 2018 I looked at my CC statement and found that I was billed twice in the amount of $708.34. The second transaction on 16 Dec was posted to my CC account on 17 Dec 2017 and the transaction that was supposed to have been deleted/stopped posted to my CC account on 02 Jan 2018 which was more then two weeks after it was deleted. The packages arrived in Cairo Egypt on 21 Dec 2017 and that's where the real nightmare began. My fiancé was a diplomat at her countries embassy in Cairo and I had addressed the packages to her C/O the address of the embassy.

FedEx Egypt contacted her and asked if the packages were diplomatic or personal and they were personal, Christmas guifts and over the counter medical supplies such as flu meds, vitamins, advil, aleve and so on and FedEx Egypt told my that the packages didn't belong to her but to the embassy, who's the embassy? Then they told her that no personal packages were allowed to be delivered to the embassy and so the packages would be held at FedEx for several days and then destroyed so then I got involved with FedEx International and it went on and on. When did FedEx finally deliver the packages to my fiancé? They didn't.

On 26 or 27 Jan 2018 my fiancé along with her driver had to go 2 hours to the airport to FedEx and pretty much force their way in and demand the packages at which time FedEx placed two torn up boxes of junk in her hands. All of the items had been opened and two items had been stolen. On 05 Jan I spoke with a FedEx customer advocate and explained that my CC had been billed double for the same transaction and also FedEx had sent me a invoice bill for the same thing making it a third attempt to collect for one transaction. I was told by the customer advocate that I'd get a credit for the charge that was never to happen but also because of the God awful service in Cairo, that I'd also receive credit for my shipping costs altogether.

On 07 Jan 2018 FedEx credited my CC account for one charge, the one that was never supposed to go through but not the second credit. FedEx and I went round and round over this for over a month and finally I took it to my CC issuer and filed a dispute. My CC issuer made attempts to contact FedEx for nearly seven months with no response form FedEx and the time period for a disputed charge has run out so now I have to try to *** with FedEx to get the credit they said they had given me but never did. I would not go to FedEx to have them ship a blank piece of paper to my next door neighbor let alone ever ship anything international through FedEx ever again.

They put customers first??? I have to raise the BS flag as high up the pole as I can on that one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Not given credit for shipping as promised by FedEX.

Monetary Loss: $708.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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