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I am a single pregnant woman, 30 weeks pregnant to be exact. And any fool knows a pregnant woman cannot lift anything over 20 lbs especially being this far along.

So on top of the fact that I scheduled a pickup between 8am-11am and someone called me 40 minutes prior to 11 saying someone messed up the pickup and then I had to wait till between 2-4pm which he showed up at 3:58pm then I am informed that he isn't aloud into my apartment not even with my permission. I then explained I cannot lift 9 boxes that are between 15 and 60 lbs because I am pregnant. He still wouldn't do it. So he called his boss?

Supervisor? Whatever and I explained I'm pregnant that I cannot lift these boxes in my living room they didn't care what so ever. I am livid. Thank goodness I had a friend show up a little before fedex showed up or then what??

Don't get my stuff shipped? Or risk moving boxes that could hurt my baby?!


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Orlando, Florida, United States #856771

So what if this guy was a psycho or criminal? Would you want him in your house?

I mean c'mon he's wearing a FedEx uniform that has to be legit, no way someone would ever steal a FedEx uniform. How does he know you aren't psychotic? What happens if he hurts himself in your apartment and now it's a liability issue? There's a lot more at work here that you aren't seeing.

I get that you're pregnant and that is a legitimate issue to not pick up heavy packages. But he also has legitimate reasons to not enter a customer's home.

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