I ordered overnight shipping on a package on December 31st from Amazon. Both were supposed to arrive on January 3rd. One was being delivered by UPS, and one by Fedex.

Well, UPS came through. I was a bit disappointing that they didn't get in on the 2nd rather than the third, since that's one day discounting New Years Eve, but it was good enough. Well, Fedex didn't deliver it on the third.

Not only that, but they refused to deliver it on the 4th because it was a Saturday. Despite the fact that they were the ones who screwed up the delivery. Not only that, but they won't let me customize where or when the package is dropped off, because it is "Past the expected delivery date." The delivery date that they failed to deliver on. So after paying $12 for one day shipping, it's going to take six days to deliver my package.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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