Warm Springs, Oregon

Hello My name is Vera Thomas and I have been receiving emails stating that i should be delivered a package and it does have the tracking numbers with it but i am not expecting a package of any kind i dont know if these are a mistake and sent to me but i have received alot for example here is a tracking number of one tracking #0240

May 2011

FedEx www.fedex.com

Federal Express

tracking numbers

# 0240

The parcel was sent your home adress.

And it will arrive within 5 buisness days!

More information and the parcel tracking number are attached in document below!

Thank you

Federal Express USA Ltd! and FedEx! All rights reserved.© 1995-2011 FedEx

and when i go to the sited and check the tracking number it says that there is not any record of this tracking number so i dont know what this is about just thought i would bring this to someones attention

thank you for your time Vera Thomas

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Whatever you do, don't open the attachment, its spyware.

If you have opened it, run a virus check on your PC before you compromise any further personal info. Those programs use keyloggers to steal your login information for personal sites, like banking and such.


I have seen these emails. they are a scam.

just delete them. They want your info.


Be careful, this is probably a scam to get your credit card info or your money!

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