Such is there slogan. But, I find it hard to relax when I've lost money and time.

It all started with their online tracker stating that it had insufficient address info (missing apt number). So being the dutiful individual I am, I called and attempted to make the adjustment, but the service rep brushed me off with, "they have already contacted the seller for this information". Well, it shouldn't have been a problem then since the seller, with my own verification, had the correct information(sent several packages to this address).

I suppose the fact that they supposedly delivered while I was home might be a little suspect(no audible knock).

But hey I should just relax, their claims process is on it.

Oh except for the fact that they have rejected my claim and refused to send, by personal request, the courier around to chat with me(entirely professional I assure you). But hey, I will just sit here and relax with the new-found sense to never use them again.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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