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I've frequently had bad experiences with Fedex- when I have talked with a Fedex rep about the problems they didn't help me in any way. It's like their policy is "the customer is always wrong".

In my last residence I had two separate packages go missing when Fedex was the delivery company. They told me the driver had delivered the package to my door step. I said that I was home the whole day and no one had come by. They basically told me, "the driver's log says it was delivered", so tough ***, end of story. Never a question as to whether the driver was correct or had wrong address. One of the packages was later given to me - it had been delivered to a house several blocks away. Fedex though was ok with me

not receiving what I paid for and didn't do anything to make the situation right.

Because of this I always dread when I have to deal with Fedex, because something bad has happened probably 60% of the time I've used them.

It is never my choice to use them- I order things from companies who use them as a shipper and I can't choose something else.

Today I have a medical test (Genova), a $700 pee test that needs to be sent overnight. I called at 8 am for a pick up, and they said a driver would be by in around an hour. After several hours I called them and they changed the window to between noon and 2. Now it is 2:01 - now see, if it was UPS, I wouldn't be worrying right now, I would just figure that they are running late.

But since it is FedEx I have enough reason to believe that they will never show up. This test needs to go out today, on an overnight shipment. If it doesn't,

I will need to have Genova send me a new test, and do the test again. These tests usually require fasting or dietary restrictions, so they aren't something one

wants to do more than once-

So I'm just sitting here hoping for the best - which hasn't worked in the past.

I don't know why these guys are even still in business.

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