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FedEx shipments (three from Verizon): delivery was attempted at 4pm to a home. Delivery exception slip stated a indirect signature could be given by signing the slip and they would leave at door.

Second delivery attempt failed again at 2pm; same slip given. Called FedEx - "we need a person present to sign" despite what the exception slip stated.

Submitted a complaint to FedEx customer service number to request after 5pm delivery since we actually work away from home, rather than have to drive 30+ minutes to the FedEx facility to pick up after hours; a customer service rep called me back to discuss service recovery at 9:43pm EST when my entire house was asleep. I am realizing why the 2-day shipping was free.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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At least they showed up to your house.. We had 3 people home the entire day yet My status says nobody was home to deliver, not even a slip left on the door..boy are they going to love me when I drive down to the office tonight to pick it up because their drivers are too lazy to do their own jobs..


Oh lets complain and make the driver re route his entire day just to accomodate your work and sleep schedule and risk delivering everyone else's package late! That's a bit selfish no?

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