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My client called FedEx after he received an email from FedEx telling him his package was on its way to an address in Georgia. He was going to be in Maine so he asked for the package to be rerouted.

FedEx told him only the shipper can reroute packages so he contacted me. I called FedEx within 12 hrs of dropping off the package in napa California and asked for it to be rerouted. FedEx told me because it was wine they cannot reroute it. So I asked for the package to be returned.

Since it was going ground I knew it couldn't be too far so I waited a couple of days. No package..... I contacted FedEx and asked about my package that was supposed to be returned so I could ship it to Maine. They said it was delivered to Georgia....

I asked about why it wasn't returned to shipper and the customer service gal said you requested it to be returned.... That doesn't mean we are going to return it.... There is a major failure in FedEx lately.... Customer service is the worse....

I was told I would be contacted by a upper level management.... Instead it was my regional salesman..... After over 10 million in shipping over the years....

I will never use them again..... Hurry up United States post office start shipping wine.....

Monetary Loss: $500.

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