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IF YOU WANT TO MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN, WITHOUT A DOUBT, THAT YOUR PACKAGE WILL NOT BE DELIVERED AS PROMISED, THEN BY ALL MEANS, VISIT THIS LOCATION. I dropped off two packages by 6:00, the deadline for west coast and Hawaii deliveries, on December 23. The package going to Monterey, CA, which showed as being accepted at 6:02 pm, was delivered at 6:00 pm on December 24. Great. The package going to Hawaii, which showed as being accepted at 6:01 pm, did not even leave that FedEx location!!!!!!!!!!! It was there the next day! It wasn't even picked up by the driver! When I dropped those packages off, I specifically asked, "These will go out tonight right?" and received a "Yes" answer from the man who helped us.

When I tracked the packages early the next afternoon, I saw that the package to Hawaii was not even picked up! The driver was there scanning packages when I gave them both boxes! The one to Monterey was picked up! This was a total FedEx screw-up! I called both this FedEx location as well as the FedEx 800 number, and was told the driver didn't pick it up because it was accepted after 6:00 pm. ONE minute after! When I was in line before 6:00 pm AND the FedEx agent who took the boxes from me said they would go out that night! AND the box accepted at 6:02, one minute after the Hawaii package was accepted, WAS picked up by the driver. If the FedEx agent who helped me had said one of the boxes would not go out that night, I would have taken it back.

When I called today, 12/24, FedEx said the next time the package could be delivered was NOT Friday, NOT Saturday, NOT Sunday, but MONDAY, the 28th, when the agent who took the package from me said it would go out 12/23 and be delivered 12/24! This package was supposed to be delivered in time for Christmas on Dec. 25! Why the *** would I be sending it on 12/23 if I didn't want it to be delivered on 12/24?

Since of course they don't deliver on Saturday in Hawaii, God forbid, I then had to go the FedEx office today, pick up the package, take it to the US post office, and pay 54.00 to have it delivered on Saturday, Dec. 26, which is still the day AFTER Christmas, when this package was supposed to be delivered on Dec. 24, the day BEFORE Christmas, because they were Christmas presents. FedEx acted like I did something wrong, when THEY are the ones who told me that the package would go out Dec. 23 and be delivered on Dec. 24.

Needless to say, if a package is important to you that it get someplace the next day, do yourself a huge favor and do NOT go to this location.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: I want a full refund of the FedEx charges for this shipment AND I want FedEx to pay the $57.55 it cost me to have the US Postal Service deliver it for Saturday delivery on Dec. 26..

I didn't like: Did not deliver my package as promised.

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Let's see, you want something shipped overseas in one day during the busiest shipping time of the entire year. Instead of blaming the shipping company, some of the blame might be directed to yourself for waiting until the last minute. In the future, try being a little more prepared and have the packages shipped more than 1 day before you need them delivered.

to Anonymous #1084094

Do you work for FedEx or what? Hawaii is not "overseas" in the same way that europe is although they are obviously islands.

They are part of the US, as well as someplace FedEx delivers to and guarantees overnight delivery to. I am always prepared and I certainly was this time. There was no earlier time I could have gotten the package to that office, and I sure as *** wasn't waiting for a *** thing. This was a FedEx mistake - the driver should have picked up this package and he didn't.

The staff at that location should have made sure that package was picked up and they didn't.

The guy I gave the package to said it would go out that night and it didn't, and all this caused needless extra time and money for me. Stop blaming me when I have a legitimate complaint about the way FedEx handled this.

to Anonymous #1084123

Complaining about FedEx will get you nowhere. Internet orders are increasing and the big three delivery services are unable to keep up with late orders.

Either order earlier or expect late deliveries or start your own delivery service. Do you have about $10 billion to make that happen?


I guess next year don't wait til the last minute....

to Anonymous #1083968

I wasn't waiting for anything. There was no time to send the package until the time that I got to the FedEx office to send it.

I have absolutely less than zero responsibility for this. The entire point of the review was that the guy at the FedEx office said the packages would go out that night, the package for Hawaii did not in fact go out that night even though it would have taken the driver one second to scan it, and he was scanning other packages when I dropped it off. I did not even find this out until the next afternoon when I tracked the package. FedEx does have a same day delivery service which I wanted to use, to make sure the package got there on 12/24, but it apparently was not available for this situation.

I then had to go to the FedEx office, get the package, go to the post office, and pay a little over 57.00 to have the package delivered on Saturday, because the next day FedEx could have delivered the package was Monday the 28th, when the package was supposed to get there on 12/24.

FedEx said the packages would go out on the 23rd, and only one of them did. If they had done their *** jobs, I wouldn't have any complaints about them.

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