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I am a very easy to please and understanding clint. But I have no tolerance for animal abuse and environmental impact issies.

As Fed Ex has decided to offer air transportation to whales and dolphin catchers I have cut all professional business with these company.

Enough is enough for a company who offers service for dolphin and cetacean killers and trafficking. Sea of blood where they kill the dolphins, diabolical & abhorrent!!!

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can someone explain this too me more...what does this company support, and what happens?? the picture up there makes me sick!!!! heartbreaking to see that and then realize what i am looking at..humans will be the down fall of the world as we know it.

Paradise, California, United States #830711

I'm disappointed to know you still support the evil industry of capture / slaughter of marine mammals and large animals ( polar bears) by offering transport services. You are perpetuating a type of cruelty that is not acceptable.

These creatures come from violent captures where many die in the process. Only a handful of airlines, such as your company, will stoop low enough to comply to these requests. Please stop transporting live cetaceans and exotic animals for the industries of captivity.

I will boycott your company until this stops.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #830662

I totally agree at least UPS stopped shipping LIVE animals. I wont ever use FED Ex again while they help a company that PROFITS from an animal.

it isn't always about the money, pity fred smith isn't still around, I think he would stop it from happening. FED EX shame on you or you can go down the drain with seaworld #emptythetanks

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