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Had a call from fedex that they would deliver a package on Wednesday that required a signature.Waited all day and no show.

Checked tracking number on line and now it says Thursday delivery. Waited all day and at 6 pm checked the door again after checking it at 3pm. Found a tag. Driver never rang doorbell or knocked.

I was sitting 15 feet from door and dogs were closer than that to door. Nothing. Pretty crappy service. I lose pay and the driver doesn't even let you know he's there.

How is he supposed to get a signature?

I guess fedex is so big now that they don't have to care about customers.Like the phone company.

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same exact thing happened to me today. What's with the *** drivers not knocking or ringing the door bell? Is there something I'm missing or what, I mean it's there job to deliver packages and they can't even be bothered enough to do that right, I guess that's why they're delivery drivers and not doctors or engineers.

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