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My complaint is against a fed ex driver. Tonight I went out to walk my dog as I do every night.

I have to cross a main thoroughfare road by a residential area. I had to wait a few minutes to cross street due to flow of traffic. Now it is 6:40pm, I see no traffic and no headlights coming. I now cross street and get almost halfway across and suddenly I see headlights coming towards me.

I tried to go across street but this fed ex driver is going to fast. Now this road is only 30mph and this driver had to have be doing at least 50mph. I tried to cross other half of street but because he was going so fast he would of wiped me out. He tried to brake but he was unable to brake fast enough cause he was driving to fast.

I had to back away. I could of easily lost my life that quickly. I was so mad and upset I just feel apart. I realize the driver's are on a time çruñch but.....

They should be followings road signs.

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Houston, Texas, United States #935137

Were you crossing at a marked crosswalk? Did you have the walk signal or green light?


So you are complaining because nothing happened and nobody got hurt. You had to wait a few seconds to cross the street.

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