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Number one you cannot believe everything you read OK.Fedex-UPS-DHL-etc are all on the same page.Non is any better than the next OK.Although I have never had a problem with either I do understand that these people have a lot of work to do and A short time to do it.You have to take in consideration that your package might not have been sent to these people immediately as stated and This would cause an delay in delivery.Also you have to consideration the weather condition at the time of your ordering.I understand that you are paying for your delivery OK but know one in their right frame of mind is going to place their life on the line just to deliver a package.It is easyly said that they get paid OK,But if this was you would you place your life on the line just to deliver a package?I order online a lot.I cannot state that I do not receive my packages when due because I do receive my packages on time but by the same token I want everyone to be safe.I do not want anyone to get Hurt or possibly Killed trying to deliver a package to me.Some people complain about any and Everything no matter what or who it is.I just ask that you place yourself in these people's shoes.It's not like they are being late delivering your package on purpose OK.So stop with the Whining.Geez have a Heart for other's.They stay in business because people like you and Me are going to alway's place online order's that has to be delivered.Common sense.If we did not order online we would not need anyone to deliver anything to us right.

Reason of review: On time delivery.

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Peoria, Illinois, United States #957212

Fedex sucks!!!!

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