On Friday, October 26, 2012 at 2:45 I was on Rt. 7 from Killington, VT going into Rutland, VT.

It was a 2 lane uphill stretch and I passed Fed Ex truck with License Plate # 113442 and US DOT # 265752 as we approached the top of the climb. There was a car approximately 20 yards ahead and the truck began a merge right as the two lanes merged into one (slow traffic lane ended at the top of the climb). The car ahead was going slow and I had to brake at the top of the climb to avoid an accident. The Fed Ex driver drove onto my rear and hit his air horn for over 5 seconds as he continued to tailgate me.

It startled me to have the truck so close to me and then to have his air horn blasting. Clearly an avoidable incident as the truck driver could see the slower car we were approaching. Instead of slowing down, he tailgated and displayed road rage.

I would like to see this driver disciplined. How do I file an official complaint?

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