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this is my third encounter with this FedEx driver. The first time I complained directly to FedEx and they were very receptive, because the next time he delivered something he was very friendly.

This time, apparently he rang the bell several times, I did not hear it.

My dog was barking so I went downstairs and the rude man was leaving. He left the package on the porch. I asked if he rang the bell because I did not hear it.

He rudely turned and said "yea three times" with an attitude. This man clearly hates his job, but that's no reason to be rude.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #843811

Lol you're complaining because the guy didn't talk to you with tenderness and love? grow a pair

Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States #841207

Somebody call this guy a waambulance

Hagerstown, Maryland, United States #841101

i bought a laserdisc player off of ebay and it was at the office 7 days, i asked why it took 7 days to ship it 15 miles away, and they said they were too scared of going up our driveway, our driveway is not steep,also my player was destoryed, thrown around, everything in it was broken!!!!!! FEDEX SUCKS!!!!

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