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My Amazon order arrived at my home via FedEx on December 31, 2015. In the box was a $29.99 blanket. My driveway is approximately 1,500 feet from our house. I was standing in my driveway retrieving my mail from our locked mailbox when the driver pulls up near me in a U-Haul truck, not a FedEx truck, and asked me if I lived here. I stated yes. By the way, our home is located on 6 acres of land. This driver appeared to me to have been born somewhere in the Middle East, asked me for I.D. to prove, that I live in “that beautiful big home”, his words in broken English, before he would give me my package. I am a Black woman whose Maternal Grandfather was 100% Native American.

I told him that I would call the State Police if he did not give me my package. The next time his happens to me, I will indeed, request from the driver to present to me his I.D. along with his Green Card as I need to know if he is in my country legally!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What are you crying about? You would whine even more if he gave your package to some random person on the street. He's just doing his job you little baby!

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