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I don't get how so many idiots out there are employed when there are so many better people out there that are unemployed. It seems everywhere you go the morons that are employed at locations have bad attitudes are incompetent and just overall trashy people. Or just rude.

I want to the FedEx at Lake buena vista Orlando and dealt with a very rude incompetent black male employee. It was 2 AM and no one was in the store in fact the *** was walking around doing nothing and he didn't even have the decency or courtesy to greet a customer. When I go to FedEx most of the time they're busy so I definitely don't expect them to greet me when they're busy but when theyre not busy they always greet you.

This *** was just rude he purposely didn't greet me and then he was just making a lot of noise like it's like he was just doing nothing and it was actually distracting the way he was acting in making all this noise and doing nothing rather than just greet a customer. It just was awkward and weird as many floridiots are in Orlando fl. Again they look human and seem human but they act like lunatics and they are weird fuked up losers subhuman garbage. Also many males floridiot males r very rude to pretty women. They're angry insecure and psycho so they purposely go out of their way to be extra rude to pretty women and treat them like dirt. Most orlando psycho males have these deep rooted insecurities hatred and jealousy for attractive women.

His behavior was so annoying and distracting I had to leave it's almost as if he was just focused on the customer but he was being rude and he was just doing nothing. I don't get how there are morons like this even out there with jobs working these positions when they have no customer service skills they're rude and nasty human beings and they're idiots

I've been to Kinko's for the last 20 years of my life and I've never left a Kinko's because an employee was just an annoying piece of *** like this one

This weirdo was almost acting like a stalker. Someone needs to teach this retard customer service skills and manners the *** has none.

Located at 18121 e apopka Vineland rd kissimmee fl

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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