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I walked into a Fedex Kinkos office with two questions: Are you hiring? Can you print this?

The dark haired girl behind the counter was unquestionably rude.

I began with my first question of, "Are you hiring?" and she cut me off before I even finish my question. "No, we are not. You need to go online and maybe you'll be able to get in at a store on Brainerd." She didn't even look up from the computer she was working on. Not only was I brushed off, but I was the only person in the store!

Her name badge said that she had been working there since 2007, clearly she has been working there for too long. She was so rude that I left and took my printing job to Office Depot. She cost her company a $15 print job, because she decided that I was just another applicant coming in to plead for a job.

Beware the dark haired, chubby girl behind the counter at the Gunbarrell store in Chattanooga, TN. She's a real ***.

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