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It was my first time shipping something FedEx that was THIS expensive (around $3k). I was told by the person on the phone I would sign something when driver came to pick up the package.

Driver arrives and when I hand him the package (an Alienware14 Gaming Laptop) he jsut starts walking away; doesn't say a word. I asked , "am I suppose to get a paper or sign anything showing it was picked up?". He just snaps,"No". And kept walking.

I asked again; trying to explain my concern, "I was told that I would sign a paper or be given something to show it was picked up. This is a very expansive item and I'm just worried and want to make sure it's covered." He said, "HEY! I deal with thousands of dollars every day!".

(Not enough room to finish describing encounter but you get the jist. Very rude driver that obviously hates his job and isn't a people person.)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Driver unprofessionalism.

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Return some items had rude delivery driver and never signed a returned signature on the machine. So barnes and noble los 3 books and never got refunded for stolen items.

They also stolen my ps3 once when I was goong to ship it tp be fixed for laser disc problem that waa in long beach ca. They suck all over.

Worse company ever! Shutdown.

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