Simla, Himachal Pradesh
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Please refer to tracking ID 441361742522, it shows shipment left india 16th August( Thats true, it was custom cleared) now it shows its in Ontario Canada, witing for Clearance. While I called Fedex Ontario, they say this tracking is unreal and shipment was never with Fedex in India....

It was a commercial invoiced parcel of US$2000

Same happened 4 months back to australia, where parcel reached in 36 days and was opened and only half the material reache consignee....

Seems these days Fedex guys have atarted stealing the or from cargo....

I guess it was my last shipment of life with Fedex....Good bye Fedex, Hope some day good sense will prevail in your organization...

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Package delivered August 26th. Delayed by customs (clearance delays).


there is no time deffinate when shipping international, and if you do not give a detailed description of what is in side customs will open your box to check it. NOT FEDEX i guess the customs guys felt like grabbing a handfull


It's more likely that customs is taking it, not Fedex itself. Canadian customs are pains in the a$$es.


I don't understand the unreal tracking!

So why do they have it if it's unreal?

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