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5-5-2018 - also sent via FedEx customer service kiosk online

More abuse at the hands of a certain delivery person yesterday, 5-4-2018, who apparently is holding a grudge after having finally reported her previously after my in-person interactions with her saw no results but had only resulted in further abuse. Either there was no knock at door upon package deliveries (minimal respect), or else now (on my particular door) a sudden full-dozen hard and obnoxious raps that would hurt my knuckles if I did that, then scampering off as fast as she can. It's happened before too. NO ONE regularly knocks like that!

This is her m.o. with me now, her recent pattern. I confronted her yesterday once again about this continuing abuse, she at once saying "We've been through this before!" Indeed we have, and while I was upset both times after having jumped out of my skin when such loud, uncalled-for, abusive knocking suddenly happens I nevertheless remained composed albeit angry. She also clearly stated that she knocks on everyone's door that way (a LIE, a denial, as no one else here experiences this from her FedEx deliveries) as well as she saying that she didn't know I was living in a different apartment here now (a highly questionable assertion).

Look- NOBODY normally knocks like that! A very abrasive, very hard, full-dozen knuckle raps suddenly out of the blue. Am thankful I wasn't sipping hot coffee at that moment. In my nearly 65 years I've become well aware of when someone is genuinely giving truth and those who are practicing duplicitous, dishonest behavior, and this delivery person falls into the later grouping. Am betting that nothing "is ever her fault" and would not ever admit to any abusive actions on her part, nor would she ever admit to any wrong nor ever apologize when she's called out as I have done in person twice in an intense but good way (witnesses both times, including by our office staff here).

As a direct consequence of these things over the course of the past half year, have spent an hour yesterday making other delivery arrangements with 3 companies that I make regular purchases from online and will now avoid FedEx deliveries to the best that is possible. Am not fulfilling some vendetta here, as rarely do I complain in such a manner as this... but if I can prevent any other person from having to endure the psychologically-aimed abuse and misconduct that this delivery person chooses to selectively employ then all of this extra work, all the hours last night of sleeplessness over this, all of the wordsmithing will be well worth it. That is all I have to say.


David Walker

Chadron, Nebraska

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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