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Sadly we might still have racism in America? Can a man be blamed for the color of his skin?

Rather shouldn't a man be measured by the content of his character ? Most recently this is what a male Hispanic adult paying customer experienced at this ,Fed Ex. In Huntington Beach Calif. Yes, its at the Fed Ex , with very smelly bathroom.

The date of the incident was on: Tuesday. Nov. 28, 2017. The approximate time was during the evening hours: Many other paying customer previously noticed the unprofessionalism observed.

A possible male white adult customer , observed consistently yelling for no reason at the top of his lungs. Then the onsite manager if on site turned a blind eye. The words yelled were not business related. Not productive.

Example: "Ok Bro"!. " Ok Bro"! Then some of the at will employees appeared to join in the very unprofessional conduct. They were observed yelling back at the top of their lungs.

As we know if a person is able to walk up and nicely speak a proper voice level there is no justification in allowing all this yelling. This is considered : Being loud & boisterous. Calif. Penal Code: 415.

As we know this is a act against public policy. Also as we know: All at will employees prior to being hired agreed in writing to not violate any acts against public policy. Such as : Calif. Gov.

Code: 12900. Such as selective enforcement . Now as we know: For any at will employee to willfully and deliberately disregard what the agreed to comply with in writing this is a breach of implied contract. Grounds for termination : Calif.

Civil Codes: 3300-3400. All at will employees are required to work with best efforts. Calif. Labor Code: 2924.

Also : No at will employee is required to do anything unsafe or illegal. Calif. Labor Code: 6300. Now this is what occurred: Date: Nov.28, 2017.

Day: Tuesday. During the evening hours prior the closing time. One of the at will employees was asked why he didn't previously correct the male white adult not observed conducting any business , doing all that yelling? The response from the male Hispanic adult ,clean shaven was: He is just hyper.

This means he was ok with all the unjustified yelling. He was heard: Saying: " I'll try to look into it". Try means half way. Or its not important.

The male Hispanic adult is the very same at will employee that approached the very same paying customer about being too loud. Yet, he is going to be bipartisan toward the male white adult none customer yelling at the top of his lungs in the store lobby as other customers are paying: 40 cents a minute on the store computer. This is selective enforcement. Calif.

Gov. Code: 12900. Next: This is possibly retaliation for making a complaint. Calif.

Labor Code: 6310. Next: The male white adult at will employee walked over to the male Hispanic adult paying customer that had just spent : $70.00 after using the Fed Ex scanner . The paying customer a American veteran was just cutting up some pictures. Obviously the male white adult at will employee was upset some one complained about his friend being loud & boisterous.

Calif. Penal Code: 415. So the male white adult approached the male Hispanic adult . American veteran.

This is was the next incident that occurred with out merit or probable cause. The at will employee , described as a male white adult. With out justification started : Hazing and harassing the male Hispanic American veteran. The Hispanic American veteran was cutting up some items.

Then placing the trash in the trash can. The male white adult had the name tag that read: Dakota. He appears to have a big bald spot on the top of his forehead . Also has a beard and a mustache.

This is what he told the Hispanic American veteran: " You filled up the trash can too much the last time you came here". The nice American , male Hispanic adult veteran asked the following: " Where is posted on the exact level to only fill up the trash can"? The at will employee : Dakota became angered and to some extent enraged. Then at will employee : Dakota continued in his hazing.

He then demanded, the American Latino veteran to use the Fed Ex shredding services. The Latino American Veteran simply asked why? There was more anger by at will employee : Dakota. Then the very nice Latino American Veteran simply asked: " Where exactly is the sign posted as the specific trash to only go in the Fed Ex trash can"?

The male white adult at will employee walked away angered. His face appeared to be considerably red. Now after the nice , American Latino Veteran cleaned the area. He asked the Latino at will employee a question.

The question was: " Why did you approach me months prior about being loud , then turned a blind eye on the male white adult yelling at the top of his lungs in the store lobby"? The response is shocking : His response coincides with silence of a entity based on time of discovery. Calif. Gov.

Codes: 911.23 and 911.64. His response for being bipartisan was: " I'm off the clock". Both at will employees should be wrote up and possibly terminated. Based on all the pre hire implied contracts they signed .

To not violate any prohibited acts against public policy. Calif. Civil Codes: 3300-3400. Breach of implied contract.

As the Hispanic American Veteran was leaving. Sarcastedly , arrogantly this is what the male white adult yelled out at the top of his lungs. " You want my last name"! He continued in his hazing and harassment: He then was heard making threats to the , Latino American Veteran ," I'm putting you on the list".

The Latino American veteran had just spent : $70.00 . How much money did the friend of Dakota spent? After violating : Calif. Penal Code: 415?

After all that yelling was allowed. As paying customers were paying: 40 cents a minute trying to type on the computer. As we know at will employees all stick together. Some will even tape over the lobby camera.

So can we agree this is : Aiding and abetting ? Calif. Penal Code: 31 ? Now its time to find out how many of the at will employees that work here are willing to honestly prove they are not racist , biased against people of color?

Also lets find out if the owner allowed these at will employees to use selective enforcement? With the : ( Trinity Of Truth Test ). ( 1.) Step # 1. No.

Lie . M. R. I.

This machine measures brain waves. To determine if the subject is lying or being honest ? ( 2.) Calif. Evidence Code: 801.70.

This is the lie truth serum. Known as : Sodium Pentothal. The lie truth serum ? ( 3.) Calif.

Evidence Code: Section: 795. Hypnosis. By a licensed : State or government , credible hypnotist. ( 4.) With these requested prerequisites: A blood & urine test.

By a licensed state or government , toxicologist. For the subject that volunteers to be given a blood & urine test. To insure there is no street drugs in the body of the volunteered subject? ( 5.) Then to insure the at will employee is not a possibly racist or biased in any way ?

Or to also validate the at will employees working this day are being completely honest in regards to the sequence of events that took place on: Tuesday: Nov. 28, 2017. This pertains to the male white adult. At will employee: Dakota.

He is the subject with a bald head and hair on the side. He also has a beard and a mustache. Then his co worker that stated he was off the clock. He is a male Hispanic adult with hair that sticks.

Clean shaven. The last requested prerequisite : These two employees if the volunteer will volunteer to conduct all requested three forms of scientific evidence and the requested prerequisites of verbally and in writing be filmed on : You Tube. Can we conclude: If we never see these two at will employees volunteer to do the entire: ( Trinity Of Truth Test ) with the requested prerequisites on : You Tube. That this shows: ( Reasonable Doubt).

That can equal: ( Guilt ). So why does the supervisor condone of their actions? Or is this called: Aiding & abetting? Calif.

Penal Code: 31? Will they tape over the incident? Or are the Fed Ex lobby cameras not real cameras?

Also : Why does the worthless lame duck manager turn a blind eye on the filthy bathroom? It smells like urine?

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: A wriiten appology .

I didn't like: Harrassment.

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