Had a family member send me some dolls from the U.S. to Mexico.

Cost of the dolls was $300 plus an additional $300 for shipping. One doll wouldnt fit in the box so she put it in a smaller one. Cost an additional $78. Really for shipping 1.3lbs???

Fedex stated online that all was going well arrival date was Jan 4. 2 days before Mexico's Christmas. On Jan 3 online fedex stated the large box was undeliverable. Called customer service and they said it didn't pass customs inspections and that it needed a health inspection.

I asked why it needed a health inspection, it was Monster High barbie dolls? I asked where my box was. She said it was sent back to the U.S. I will have to repay shipping to have them sent.

I did receive the one doll. I am out $300 in shipping with no explenation from Fedex.

No dolls for my store either. Sorry kids.

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Hi Anonymous, just wanted to send a supportive message after reading the nasty responses. What's the big deal?

Oh, I don't know...it was only a delivery for a business, one that is trying to serve its customers for the holidays, that's all. And no one said anything about sombreros: apparently that commenter thinks everyone in Mexico wears those.

Can't comment on the international fees and on charging you for re-delivery of a package that was likely selected at random for a health inspection, but that is a bummer.

But, with these uncaring and nasty responses, we see how rotten FedEx' attitude toward customers is...


The problem just might have been caused by the tacos and tamales stuffed inside the sombrero. Que?


What's the big deal? It's just a ***' doll.


You do realize the fee is higher for having to ship internationally. Each country has their own price for duties and taxes.

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