I place a two day shipment on a Friday for a package to be shipped from a company based in NYC and this was to ship to my business in NYC. I see on the tracking information that it is now in Tennessee!

My two day shipping is now a 4 day process. The person is customer service explains that everything goes to Tennessee. I consider that a serious waste of time and it's so not efficient.

Customer service treated me like I was annoying them and very argumentative. The customer is always king and I will not be using Federal Express again.

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Memphis, TN happens to be the Central Hub for FedEx---so Yes most things sent by FedEx end up there. Yeah, I had a pkg.

sent from NY state on Dec. 17th and it DID arrive at Memphis on the 18th, the problem is it is Jan. 6th and I still have not got my pkg.---and as for tracking it never went beyond the 18th at Memphis.

Yeah, I bet FedEx Reps are getting grumpy with all the calls & contacts from disgruntled customers---but HEY, when you pay out good money and trust you will get your delivery---only to have to wait indefinitely and the NEVER receive it or find out what happened to your delivery, heck yeah, you get upset.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #769921

You should start your own company if you're so deft at processing millions of packages.

Fact of the matter is sending everything to a central location in a hub and spoke arrangemwnt IS more efficient than a mullion direct location to location program. Have yiu ever flown on an airplane?

They use similar routing systems with hubs etc. Get over yourself.

to u so cray cray #770603

Instead of starting own company we can just choose to use UPS or USPS, Fedex's competitors. Apparently they are more deft at processing millions of packages compared to FedEx. Sounds like a better idea since UPS just delivered my package an hour ago and I'm still waiting on my overnight delivery that went out Monday.

to u so cray cray #771110

You must be an employee of FedEx if you are making a ridiculous statement like that. If the package being delivered is coming from a New York address and going to a New York Address, why would you waste time and money to send it to Memphis and back to NY.

That is a waste of time and resources to do that. Really!

to Your a Joke Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #771286

Fedex employees love getting on here and trolling on customers. It's pretty sad.

My complaint on here received 10 replies calling me names for telling the truth about their company failing. Maybe if they focused on doing their jobs properly they wouldn't have to worry about complaints.

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