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Fedex is the worst shipping company that has ever existed paying extra to have your time sensitive package not arrive and after the fact that it should have come they say "Delivery Status pending" when you call customer service and wait on hold for an hour they tell you the shipping location is closed and they can't do anything and have no idea when you're package will be there when the city it is in isn't even two hour away from you it arrived in ga at 11:05 am on Friday 2/2/18 was said to be delivered today at the latest time I tracked it and it never said it left how can a company charge extra for shipping and not deliver it when they are telling you it will be delivered . After calling customer service they say they can not help and I should call some other time they don't know what's going on no answers no service and charged over 200.00$ absolute bull *** this is not the first time I have had issues.two years ago I ordered my sons Christmas presents in august august you no what they didn't come until the beginning of December they shipped from fisher price in august FedEx just lost them form a few months also had no answer for me no refunds just poor service the claimed " it was slowed due to Christmas shipping" even though it was ordered in AUGUST IF THERE IS ANY SANITY HUMANITY HONOR INTEGRITY THIS 43 billion dollar company should either be shut down, find for its negligence or forced to reimburse double what its customers pay for shipping along with still sending the packages Final note FedEx drivers do not obey stop signs

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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