I also live in a building with a buzzer. 1st attempt no buzzer, found the note that night.

On the 2nd attempt they left the slip saying I could sign it and they would leave it outside the building...so I signed it, thinking the package would just be left outside the next day. The next day ANOTHER failed attempt slip was there even though I had signed the slip allowing them to leave it. Why have us sign the slip giving permission to leave the package, if you're just going to go ahead and do what you want anyway? Isn't it more convenient for you lazy drivers to just leave it so you don't have to deal with it again?

Now I have to figure out how to get across town on the subway to the facilities...this will probably take me 2.5+ hours, there and back, between the train and the bus.

Way to be awesome, FedEx. Having stuff shipped to my work from now on."Ž

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Hello. I am having a similar situation in which they are leaving the door tags all over the *** lobby and don't even try ringing the intercom.

They have allegedly made 3 "attempts" and I have been tracking their moves online hour by hour and they are lying their *** off.

I called Fedex and explained that they have done this sort of *** before and all they could tell me over the phone is, "they made 3 attempts" and would return the package back to the shipper.

People, start complaining to the BBB because this is a pattern and I dont see this company surviving more than a decade. Its truly aggravating.


You are such a POS! Why don't you use your little brain and understand that Fed Ex has "direct sign", "indirect signature" or "no signature".

How the *** do you know which one was required? If the Fed Ex person gave the customer a slip to sign and they DID, then you are full of it with your comment. Also, learn to spell!

It is which, not witch. Dumb***!!!!If you don't know what you are talking about, then don't waste your time, and ours, by postsing BS comments.


What it requires if your small little brain could understand is a direct sign from someone at the house at the time the courrier is there. so i guess you should look at the time at witch he came by and be home or someone be at home around that time

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