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Last Friday, I ordered a sewing machine through Amazon prime (for which I am guaranteed 2-day delivery), as well as additional items. Everything was coming UPS or USPS, with the exception of the sewing machine (which was sent via FedEx).

It was supposed to arrive New Years Eve but the delivery person never attempted delivery, according to the tracking website, because of "local restrictions." ." It seems to me that it is extraordinary that both UPS and even the postal service were able to deliver today, and yet there were "local restrictions" despite the lack of inclement weather and hazardous roads. Furthermore, I was home the entire day. And since there definitely isn't anything dangerous about a light-weight sewing machine, costumer service was unable to give me an explanation as to why this happened. However, they told me I could hold my package and pick it up Thursday.

Today is Thursday and now they're saying my item won't be available for pick-up until tomorrow.

I know this is a first-world problem, but this company has horrible customer service. They don't apologize for inconvenience nor do they even pretend to care.

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Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #767581

I just had the same issue with Fedex and amazon prime. Long story short, got my item 6 days late.

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