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I ordered an item from and thought they were sending it by regular mail (USPS). They used FedEx SmartPost - FedEx ships the item via FedEx Ground to your local post office, which then delivers it.

The shipping weight of the item I ordered is less than 1/2 pound. FedEx now estimates it will take 9 days to reach my location.

If had thrown the item in a mailbox, I would have had it in 3 days. We are now in shipping day #4 and the item is still 400 miles from my local post office.

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Once again you should really get your facts straight before you comment. FedEx smartpost is picked up via FedEx ground then it is brought to a FedEx smartpost facility then transported to the appropriate change over facility where usps then takes it from their.

Not to your local post office. As for the *** that commented if your gaming mouse is processing that is the company whom you ordered it from for not getting ready to ship not FedEx's.


This shipment is still on its way. It's worth noting that the vendor ( estimated a much earlier arrival date than the date estimated by FedEx Smartpost. I don't know whose fault that is - if the vendor was unrealistic or if Fedex gives them false hopes about the service.


I bought two products from separate retailers, Crucial Memory (very lightweight RAM) and GameShark (Cyborg R.A.T. 7). I chose two day shipping ($7.99) for the RAM and it started shipping the next day. Here's what's messed up...The originating location of the shipment was literally an 8 hour drive from my location, yet they flew it half way across the country, then back and left it at a "nearby" facility. I then was notified about 8 times that it had arrived with messages along the lines of "Package arrived at facility" and occasionally "Package arrived at facility - Not out for delivery" all within an hour. So package #1 (RAM) which should have been here today will be delayed three more days.

Package #2 (Gaming mouse) is a different story. I was most eager to receive this product so I chose 1 day's been two days and it's still "processing".

So now I am demanding to be paid the difference between their one/two day shipping and their lowest method.

Needless to say if anyone ships only FedEx, I'm not buying from them.

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