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Purchased an item from an eBay seller on 1/5 and paid $14 to have it shipped priority mail, but the ***-artist instead chose to ship it via FedEx. 11 days later, and it still hasn't arrived!

It's been bouncing around the country, from AZ to NM to OK, and actually made it to Chicago which is 30 miles from here on 1/13, but tracking now shows it in Berlin, WI which is 184 miles away! I've yet to receive a fragile item through this company that hasn't arrived in pieces, after they've played football with it for weeks, so I don't have my hopes up for this one! You couldn't pay me enough to ship an item through this backwards company!

I honestly can't believe they're still in business! I've filed a fraud complaint with eBay, and though I rarely do it, that seller will be getting negative feedback!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Smartpost Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I’ve lost several packages to Smart post. In my area we only get USPS delivered to PO Box is no one gets USPS delivery to their home.

And FedEx will not except a package with the PO Box. So when they hand it off to the post office with the physical address it gets returned.

When you call FedEx they tell you it’s not their problem to contact the post office. Why would FedEx get involved with the post office the post office loses money every year and Will only make FedEx look like crap .


No question! Without doubt Smart Post is dumb post.

Items never arrive in a normal time frame, always days late, how they named it Smart Post I can't fathom. Who is it smart for? Certainly not for me. I shudder when I see Smart Post when I'm tracking an item.

It's crud post at best, it should not be allowed. Shippers must be paying peanuts for this degraded service.

Ansonia, Connecticut, United States #1271591

Why does Fedex(Smart Post) switch to USPS for delivery of your package? When it ships it starts with FedEx I track it I see it my State then my package is in another State how that happened don't know.

Then I see my package is at the post office why doesn't FedEx just deliver it?? It happens to a lot of my packages..

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1271644

It depends on where you live and if the carrier has a bulk packages that are more than they can handle. Or if you live in an area that would cause a shipper to go out of their way to deliver: like a rural or remote area.

UPS/FedEx may think it cost too much money to send someone to you, or they have more packages than they can delivery in a day, when the post office delivers your mail everyday anyway. So they work together.

I live in southwest Florida. And I get it too.

Naples, Florida, United States #1271586

What is the Ebay item number? The FexEx tracking number?

In some locations in this country, stores and sellers have to use UPS, FedEx or DHL to collaborate with the post office for shipping. It depends on where the selling place is located and how far a post office relevant to them. I have had several items, not just from EBay, come that way. That is not fraud.

It is strange that the package keeps bouncing around the country.

A simple call to FedEx might shake it loose.

To give a seller negative feedback for something that has been in the mail system at the most 7 business days is not only irresponsible, but unwarranted. Even shipping with the post office there is no guarantee on a delivery date with priority mail.

ONLY with EXPRESS or OVERNIGHT do you get a guarantee.

What is your Ebay user ID? I would like to add you to my block list.

to LadyScot #1471264

You showed him lady Scott don’t let him buy anything from you. Like he wants any of your garbage anyway.

Just ship it to Smart post and he won’t get it anyway. You won’t have to block him

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