Smartpost first created a departure exception, so they could ignore their jobs getting off early for Labor Day. Then 3 days later they took my package to North Atlanta from South Carolina when I live in northeast Tennessee.

Then they took it from north Atlanta to South Atlanta 60 miles on the south side Ellenwood supposedly turned over to smartpost. Then it's been 3 days or so since it disappeared from there and USPS is still awaiting acceptance. I think 12 days and taking a 400 mile route when I was 160 miles from origin says what a failure it is. I paid 10 bucks and the package is maybe the size of my hand.

An ultralight vintage reel. I am pretty sure the lady sending it was on time but even if she was late what excuse would they have for more than a week after that.

I could have walked to Gaffney and back to get it. Surepost with ups is slow but this is ridiculous.

User's recommendation: avoid smartpost. I will ask for different shipping no matter what. I Still have not seen that my package is safe but they say tomorrow 12 days later.

Location: Jefferson City, Tennessee

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