I have no idea why anyone would use smartpost! I package from Southern California was shipped to Central California and it took 6 days!!!

I am convinced I could have walked here faster. What's even more ridiculous is that the shipper used Fedex to ship it to a post office north of me in Sacramento. My package traveled around on a truck in Sacramento for 16 hours before making it to the post office. THEN the post office had to put it on a truck to deliver it to my town and THEN the darn mail truck had to deliver it...

WHY NOT.... just take the darn package to the post office??? 6 days to travel 300 miles????

REALLY???? If your are buying something from someone who uses "Fedex", make sure it isn't smart post- there's nothing smart about it!

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7 to 10 days to receive SmartPost in Central Virginia, no matter where it originates from. An item ordered from a company 15 miles from me went to Michigan, sat, went to West Virginia, sat, then to Maryland.


Shipped 12/5, they say 2-7 business days. So 7 business days would be 12/14.

Tracking indicates now 12/21, which would be 12 business days.

When I see the route, package starts in New Jersey, comes close to destination (Kentucky), then goes to Indiana, then back to New Jersey, and now it’s in Pennsylvania. Very bad.


SmartPost should be renamed to SlowPost, or StupidPost.


It’s a toss up between FedEx SmartPost and UPS SurePost as to which one sucks the most. One thing is for sure, they both suck!


Fedex SmartPost is the absolute worst service ever. I called Fedex to ask why my package has been sitting in their facility for 2 days and they told me that they only deliver SmartPost packages to the USPS when they have enough of them to justify a trip.

Unreal! Never again will I purchase anything that is shipped via SmartPost!


I agree completely, handoff from FedEx to USPS and then let it sit takes at least three days more than other services at the same price point.


Yes, Smartpost sucks


So I order a small gear, from the same company I ordered from before. It took 4 days the first time.

It came old fashioned snail mail. Now they've switched to this smartpost crap. 8 days is expected. This is coming from central California, to west central Oregon.

Both along I5.

It's a 13 HR 22 min drive, Google says you can walk it in 12 days. So smartpost is close to the speed used when we were on horseback.


The only thing I can think of is this way everybody gets a piece of the pie. Us the customer get only the crumbs. Yes...it sucks!


The item I order started in east Texas and shall end in southeast Louisiana. Louisiana is the eastern border of Texas.

Fedex decided to send my item to Los Angeles. They then decided to ship the item by truck all the way to Memphis, Tennessee before they decided to start heading into Louisiana (which at this time they have yet to cross the border).

I ordered my item on August 10th and it's estimated to arrive on August 20th. I am convinced that Patrick Star works at Fedex and when they shipped it to Los Angeles and saw where they needed to send it he said, "Oh east, I thought you said weast."


I agree bought three things from California the same day and two has been here for a week and still waiting on the smart post. Any business that uses that is plain dumb. Why pay Fed Ex to take your package to the post office and make it take way longer for your buyers to receive sounds dumb to me.


I am a diehard cabelas shopper. Cabelas dropped fantastic service by ups and switched to fedex smartpost which is snail service!

They do not even pass savings on to customer nor offer a choice of shipping service.

I am drifting away from cabelas. Probably can thank basspro for this.


EBAY should ban the use of SmartPost...then it will die.


I will be more careful about shipping from now on. Smartpost is ridiculously slow. Beware if the seller offers "Standard shipping." You will wait forever for the package.


This service is horrendous. First I was told delivery on Tuesday via tracking #.

I checked it today and now it says Thursday. That will be 10 days!

I’m in Austin. Why would they get my package to Dallas and then send it to Houston first??!!


Fedex Smart post is the equivalent of USPS media mail, rides on a turtles back from point to point then the USPS delivers it! I'll never pay to use it but more and more companies that offer free shipping are using it! Like the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for" or in this case what you don't pay for!




I tried FedEx Smartpost, and it cost me a lot of business! The best I can figure is, that FedEx figures if you're using them to get to USPS, your business is a second class citizen to their own direct delivery.

Not to mention they can blame the USPS, if they're late. So not only your deliveries are behind theirs, but also they update their tracking only when makes them look good!


3rd order to ship smart post and 3rd order to take too long to get here. Shipments that use to take 3-5 days are now taking more than a week.

The tracking systems is always at least one day if not more behind. I am convinced someone is getting a big kickback from this stupid system.


Smartpost is a trap. If you enjoy seeing misleading tracking info and watching your package take days to move a few miles then this service is for you. It's the equivalent of having your package held hostage just out of reach for a very long time.

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