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I live in a 60-unit apartment house with no doorman. To sneak past the locked front door, the driver rang my bell (intercom) and I buzzed him in because I am expecting a parcel.

I'm a retired person who has to get dressed to receive callers. In this case, I also had to take the elevator to the Lobby floor and look for the driver, whom I never found.

I telephoned FedEx to complain, but they said they don't understand my complaint. They mentioned Mr. Dennis and hung up without connecting me with a supervisor. But they said I should "have a nice day."

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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We dont call that 'sneaking into an apt'. We do that all day.

Its called getting people their package. I know we live in ' paranoid America ' now but ma'am, youve been watching to much '24'


Taking a course in English may be helpful. I had to read this review several times to understand what you were saying.

First of all if you buzzed him in why would you need to go down and meet him. How is that sneaking if if you let him in. Most likely he went to your door and knocked and you were not there because after you let him you went down to meet him, or you took so long coming down he left.

He has other deliveries to you know and the word does not revolve around you. If he had to wait for you all the others would complain their packages arrived late.

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