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Ok Long Long story short: I order an iPad2 through the AAFES *Military web-site* when I check the tracker site with FedEx they tell me that my ipad2 has been returned because the "address is invalid" mind you there are TONS of FedEx trucks speeding in and out of my apartment complex.

I check the sight where I actually ordered the item and of course on there and the confirmation site I have included my FULL address.... So when I call the customer service of course I speak with an individual who sounds like a drone and could care less about me or the 500$ piece of *** I ordered their only option was for me to drive out of my way to the delivery/truck stop...


I just tracked a package I ordered 16 September and I figured that it would take a while because it was being shipped from Africa this time it didnt even make it to my STATE before it was being shipped BACK to the sender.... Just fed up with FEDex and the way they treat paying customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

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