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My passport was sent to me from a consulate in LA through FedEx Express. I got FedEx notice "failed delivery" three days in a row, although my wife was at home most of the time. The delivery person could have called me (my phone # is on FedEx Express package) to give me a time window so that someone could wait at home. But the delivery person never did so. Eventually, three days passed, my wife had to drive an hour to pick up the package. My... Read more

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A FedEx van driver in Forestville, California rationed a line of verbal abuse at me today at noon. He was driving down a one lane road toward me, I was was driving toward him. He drove right past the turn out which forced me to pull off the road to pass by. As I drove past him I told him that he had passed the turnout twenty feet back, he screamed that I could have pulled off the road further back. There is only one turnout on the lane. Read more

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Harassment is probably considered a crime in many places. but not to this company their drivers/handlers are some sort of gestapo/stasi that enjoy harassing people who otherwise are living their lives. As I could verify from other people being targeted this way, such phenomenon is called "gang stalking" or organized harassment that some of their drivers/employees partake in. I have countless of times experienced discrimination/harassment from... Read more

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  • Jan 27, 2016
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FedEx lied about delivery attempt.

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  • Jan 11, 2016
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I had something shipped with the FedEx company it was the worst it estimated to take over 2-8 days to get here it took over 12 days it was terrible plus when I tracked my order it would even update.

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IF YOU WANT TO MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN, WITHOUT A DOUBT, THAT YOUR PACKAGE WILL NOT BE DELIVERED AS PROMISED, THEN BY ALL MEANS, VISIT THIS LOCATION. I dropped off two packages by 6:00, the deadline for west coast and Hawaii deliveries, on December 23. The package going to Monterey, CA, which showed as being accepted at 6:02 pm, was delivered at 6:00 pm on December 24. Great. The package going to Hawaii, which showed as being accepted at 6:01... Read more

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Lived here 22 years. Drivers always find me. Not this one! Too lazy or illiterate to look for my apartment number. Am always home, was waiting for my package- driver left door tag in the wrong place stating that "customer not available or business closed!" NOT EVEN! Fedex customer service said it would be delivered today. Doesn't look like it, and now they say it will come tomorrow! This is the second time in two weeks and I am sick of the... Read more

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Fedex - Federal Express Corporation Did Not Deliver My Package To Me Properly...
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I had a blackberry to be delivered to me coming from Canada and Yes, a signature was required, however, it was supposed to be my signature and I did Not know that anybody could sign for it. Sadly, somebody else signed it in which I was Not aware of and Never Received The Blackberry. Yes, I did contact Federal Express's Corporate Office to find out what to do and/or to see if they could go through their insurance to give me some kind of... Read more

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  • May 29, 2015
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Driver thru envelope over fence did not honk or ring bells on gate.

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I came in to make some color copies of a flyer at FedEx Beverly Hills, 90212 at 11:00 AM on 3/22. When I approached the counter, I was the only customer. The man behind the counter ignored me and continued to load a machine. I eventually got the attention of the assistant manager in charge as he came back to the counter area. He was very courteous and helped me initiate the color machine. I returned to the counter. The other man was there. ... Read more

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