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I know its wrong, and I counseled my mother for her mistake, but we've been doing it for years (as thousands of people do every day) mom sent me some cash in a FedEx envelope. I realize sending cash is a *** shoot, and it shouldnt happen, but I dont think we're in the wrong for actually trusting FedEx to do their job. How is it our fault for expecting FedEx drivers to not steal our merchandise? How is sending cash any different than sending...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of responsibility for theft of merchandise
  • Lack of true insurance
  • Incompetence of investigative staff
The FedEx story is a story of total incompetence. Today I was to receive a package, the tracking system says it was delivered to the front door, however NO PACKAGE came in. There is a security guard at the front door, together with a bunch of cameras, the security guard was ON POST at the moment you claim the package was delivered. Moreover, when I contacted your office your representative claims that NO ONE has a contact phone to the driver,...
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I sent used iPhone 5s (6/27) with price $360.00 from US to Jakarta as a gift for my niece, which was gonna be arrived on Monday (7/3). And, I sent another used iPhone 5s (6/28) that was gonna be arrived on Friday (6/28) with the same price, $360.00 for my nephew. When those iPhones arrived at Jakarta, Customs Office charged tax, which is I accepted for good of all. The 'funny thing' happens in FedEx Jakarta (PT. REPEX PERDANA INTERNASIONAL) told...
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This is such a long messy story but the net result leaves me looking for a class-action remedy. Something has to stop this mess. My Amazon package was delivered on Thursday by Fed Ex without them knocking or ringing door bell. When I got the Amazon text that delivery was made and couldn't find it on my doorstep, I filed a claim with both Fed Ex and Amazon. Amazon shipped a replacement at no charge. Later I find my package with a neighbor...
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hoplite67 Did this ever go anywhere? I've also just experienced the "No knock" policy from FedEx. Today was the third and final delivery attempt, so I've sat at home all day. I missed t...


Anonymous Did this ever go anywhere? I've also just experienced the "No knock" policy from FedEx. Today was the third and final delivery attempt, so I've sat at home all day. I missed t...


Hi, Everybody! I sent the package to Russia and paid 200 USD for that. A bit later, I got my package back and wanted to understand what happened. I was explained that there were some customs issues and they could not deliver it. Ok, that's fine but I supposed somebody might explain that before I shipped it because it was a gift to my friend there. The manager told me to call on their claim line and get a refund but during the call they told me...
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Dima Not resolved. No feedback. Thank you for your "business"!

I liked
  • Office personnel
I didn't like
  • Delivery service
Drivers are lazy and refuse to follow proper procedure, so when THEY lose a package and no one can find it because of their laziness, the consumer is left with nothing but a bunch of excuses and the bill for the full amount of the merchandise and shipping. FedEx won't even offer to refund the shipping. Customer Service (Ha! That's a joke!) only makes matters worse. The CS 'bots are trained to jibber gobbledygook from a prepared script, none of...
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I didn't like
  • Very poor customer service
On 8/30/14 I ordered a package from Amazon and, since it was too large to be delivered by USPS to my Post Office Box, they sent it by FedEx ground. I had a guaranteed delivery date of 9/3/14 after paying the extra for one day shipping. Today is 9/7/14 and I still have not received my package. When I tracked the shipment, I noticed that for 3 days, my parcel had bounced back and forth between Stockon, CA and Sacramento, CA. I called the FedEx...
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Speeding--high rate by License number CA 22480N1 VAN #311536 AREA unincorporated area of Sonoma County. Driver states he has to drive this way due to corporate policy.. packages must be delivered...he has to drive like this! This driver is going to kill someone! I am reporting this license number and van number to the CHP. I called your FED EX #1-800-463-3339, was transferred to Bob in Houston at customer service, he did not give his last...
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Oh my god! Another Delivery Exception and delayed what the heck. Every single time i order something online and carrier is via Fedex its always delivery exception. Fedex is the worst shipping carrier. I don't even know why they're still in business. I paid one day shipping via Amazon and now my package is delayed. They are to *** to respond. Always use the postal service when you have a choice. Now i wont buy anything online if the carrier is...
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Jc Fedex ground is not a one day shipping. It's 3-5 days unless your in the same region as the shipper. If you want a one day use fedex express it's overnight. Sorry you had trou...


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FedEx almost always leaves packages at our door without ringing our bell. I work from home and my boyfriend works nights so one of us is always home to receive our scheduled deliveries. I recently filed a claim with them b/c they left a package on the stoop and it wasn't there like they claim. I was home ALL DAY and our doorbell never rang. In fact the way I knew it was delivered was I received an email. BTW I live in San Francisco; why would...
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tryit I'm just curious, how is it fedex fault if people in your area are dishonest? Just curious


Anonymous Lately, Fedex has been dropping off packages at random houses in San Francisco, with no relation to the destination delivery address. In some cases, the person from the other ...