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i live in the Boston area and i shop online very often and every time one of my orders are sent using fed-ex i have some kind of issue . not every online site lets you pick who will ship the item sadly, because i would NEVER USE FED-EX. not only have the drivers left...
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DW I guess it depends on where you live (it shouldn't ) because I always have an issue with UPS. Always seems to be some problem why the package is late, lost, or unable to locat...

I went to retrieve the Posters our company ordered for a presentation and the order was not fully completed. We still needed the grommets on each foam mounted poster. The attendant at FED EX KINKO argued with me first saying I did not order it. I assured him I did. He...
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anonymous What location was this? I have had similiar issues with the 211 Congress St. location where an employee of indeterminate gender - I think a woman, but could be a man with long...

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Order placed on 4/26/15 originating from Amherst, MA to be shipped to Boston, a 1h 45m car ride. Today is 5/11/15 and the Fedex website was last updated on 4/27/15 saying the package was in Willington, CT. Called Fedex; told me USPS has not relayed that package was...
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FedEx Shipping Review

I agree. One time package was left in the snow and bell was not ring. Today, expecting a package, I heard a loud thump. Bell never rung and sounded like the package was thrown. Hate Fedex deliveries. Absolutely prefer UPS and USPS over careless Fedex deliveries.
i wanted to sent a used phone to the Caribbean as a birthday gift for my 16yrs daughter and a birthday card.they assure me that i would pay nothing more to get it ship but what i paid for the shipping here.i ask them 5 times got the same answers.when it arrived at the...
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I ordered wedding dresses to try on. The first attempt was a Saturday. My fiance and I were home all day. We go outside to start up the grill and there is a note that they attempted delivery. Ok, whatever maybe the guy was in a hurry. So I sign the paper they left me...
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Anonymous Send it to your work if it is sig required ***!

I paid for overnight shipping for a gift for an elderly aunt who had her first chemo yesterday. I was home yesterday. Happened to look out the window and saw the FedEx truck drive away. The driver didn't ring my doorbell. I had a door tag hanging there and got an email...
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I ordered a laptop from Colorado. To receive it faster I paid an extra $19.90 I would have it by Wednesday. I came home late that night to find out that the delivery attempt was at 10:30 AM. So I called the CS, they told me that that was the 2nd Delivery, which is...
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MikeBrady You wanted it Wednesday and they say you will have it by Wednesday. What is the issue?

I placed an order with a department store for three items. A day later the items are shipped, then I start tracking the order, hey I want someone to be there to receive the shipment. So, the estimated date of the shipment is a Friday, the day comes and I am checking,...
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Everytime Fedex ships an item and they don't get a hold of a person to sign the package. They will ship it all the way back to the shipper. It is ridiculous. Just reship the package again. You miss us the first time so try again the next day. Bad enough we...
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They did not deliver the package to my house. Now I have to re-purchase and pay double. All I get is the run around. I'll get my money back even if it is man hours wasted at their company answering all of my phone calls.GTH Fedex!!!!! In 22 years nothing has ever...
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